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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Sexy Robot by Sorayama

Sorayama was approached by the Sony Corporation to design an organic robotic form. It became the famous "AIBO" dog, now in the collection of the Museum of Modern Art and then Smithsonian Institute of Technology. Intrigued by the effects of light on various metallic surfaces, and always ready for challenges to his technique and imagination, he began to produce a series of female robotic figures in the late 1970¹s; anatomically correct in form, but appearing to have been fashioned of molten silver. The term "sexy robot" was coined to describe them.

The term "Gynoids" was created by the female British SF writer, Gwyneth Jones, and developed by another British writer, Richard Calder. The word is a combination of "droid" (greek "in the image of") and "gyn" (greek "woman").These female cyborgs of Sorayama combine elements both human and mechanical. The soft, sensuous body parts are cleverly intertwined with inorganic, machine-like connections and protrusions to create entrancing images which embody complex and subtle tensions.

Sorayama didekati oleh Sony Corporation untuk merancang bentuk robot organik. Menjadi terkenal "AIBO" anjing, sekarang di koleksi Museum of Modern Art dan kemudian Smithsonian Institute of Technology. Tertarik dengan efek cahaya pada berbagai permukaan metalik, dan selalu siap untuk tantangan ke teknik dan imajinasi, ia mulai memproduksi serangkaian tokoh robot perempuan di akhir 1970-¹ s; anatomis benar dalam bentuk, tetapi telah tampil gaya cair perak. Istilah "seksi robot" diciptakan untuk menggambarkan mereka.


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