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Friday, April 9, 2010

Ancient medical equipment

:: Tobacco Enema (1750-1810)

Was first used in the medical case to include the smoke through the anus / rectum, the tool is used against the victims drowned. By entering the tobacco smoke through the anus / rectum, it is believed that the drowning victim can breathe again after fainting due to drowning.

:: Artificial Leech (1840)

Used for the treatment of diseases of the eye and ear.

:: Double Guillotine (1860)

Used to remove the tonsils.

:: Screw "Gag" (1880-1910)

Used to force open the patient's mouth.

:: Saw (1830-1860)

Saws used for sawing injuries deemed to have been weak for the surgery.

:: Backward "Scissors (1500)

These saws are used to perform operations for amputations.


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